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Is your number up? Can you be found in an emergency?

The ambulance crew who are looking for you want you to have your number up, they want to find you as quickly and easily as possible.

Our mission is to make you visible, to make quality house signs that are not only an attractive addition to your home but a practical one too, signs to get you noticed and found easily in an emergency.

The following article is by NHS South Central Ambulance Service

Is your number up?

Can our crews see your house number at night?

Lives are at risk because emergency crews cannot see house numbers and property names easily.

As illness and injuries can occur at any time, we ask you to ensure your house name or number is clearly visible from the road by day and night, so that, when you need us most, we can find you quickly and easily.

The three following steps would assist us greatly:

  • Check your house name or number is visible from the road
  • Make sure that there are no trees or bushes obstructing the sign
  • Switch on, when possible, an outside light.

It is essential that when the emergency services are called we can find the address as quickly and as easily as possible. We encourage all members of the public to ensure that their house name or number is as visible as possible at all times.

Our crews have the assistance of sat-navs and, of course, local knowledge. However, when visiting an address for the first time, not being able to see a name or number clearly from the roadside could result in delays for emergency services reaching people.

Some addresses can be very difficult to find, particularly in rural areas. Every second wasted because paramedics can’t find the right house has a profound effect on the outcome, so we’re encouraging everyone to spend a few minutes doing something about it.

We recommend making sure that numbers or house names are at least three inches in height and 4ft above the ground – and if the property is more than 75ft from the roadway, that the number is displayed on a postbox/gate or similar no further than 25ft from the edge of the street.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming for visitors and delivery people to identify addresses but, in emergency situations, it could literally be the difference between life and death.

Please help us to help you!