Additional character. Free postage.




A popular house sign made from 145mm x 20mm oak with engraved letters or numbers which are finished with gold paint. The sign is finished off with linseed oil to protect it from the weather and comes complete with 4 screws and Rawlplugs. Simply type the text you want on the sign when you place your order and we will notify you when it is ready for delivery.

To make a longer house sign you must order 2 items.

First, add a sign with one, 2 or 3 characters to your cart and then add additional characters to make up the complete sign.

For example: Let’s say you want a sign with the name Benview which has a total of 7 characters. For Benview you will need to add a sign with one character (B) you will then be asked to type in the name (Benview) as you want it to appear on your sign then you will add 6 additional characters (enview) to make up the complete sign. Once you have done this you are ready to place your order. Remember to check that you have typed in the full name as you want it to appear on your sign before you checkout.

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